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C&H Plastics Inc.
C+H Engineers Inc.
C-Mold Belgium
C-Plastics Corp.
C. A. Lawton Co.
C. Brewer Co.
C. L. Smith Co.
C.H. Erbslöh KG
C.M.E. Plastics Inc.
C.P. Enston Co.
C.W. Brabender Instruments Inc.
Cadillac Plastic Co.
Caine Corp.
California Film Extruders & Converters Association
California Trade and Commerce Agency
Cambridge Training Systems Ltd.
Camie-Campbell Inc.
Canadian Plastics Industry Association
Canadian Plastics Magazine
Canec International Ltd.
Cannon Group
Canyon View Design Inc.
Capital Procurement Ltd.
Capitol Temptrol Inc.
Caprock Mfg. Inc.
Carlisle Recycling
Carlon (Lamson & Sessions Co.)
Carolin Associates
Carolina Color Corp.
CarolMac Corp.
Carter Day International Inc.
Cavalier Tool and Manufacturing Ltd.
CB Manufacturing & Sales Co. Inc.
CBW Automation Inc.
CDF Corp.
CDL Technology Inc.
Ceast USA Inc.
Cefamol (Portuguese Association for the Mould Industry)
CellCon Plastics Inc.
Cellofoam North America Inc.
Cellox Corp.
Center for Composite Materials
Central California Container Mfg. Inc.
Centro Empresarial del Plástico SA de CV
Centro Inc.
Century Die Co.
Century Specialties Inc.
Certified Thermoplastics Co. Inc.
Charter Films Inc.
Chem-Pak Inc.
Chem-Tainer Industries
ChemConnect Inc.
Chemecol LLC
Chemfab Corp.
Chemical Data Inc.
Chemical ElectroPhysics Co. Inc.
Chemical Fabrics & Film Assn.
Chemical Management & Resources Assn.
Chemical Market Resources Inc.
Chester Plastics 1975 Ltd.
Choice Mold Components Inc.
Chris Craft Industrial Products Inc., MonoSol Division
Chroma Corp.
CimWorks GageTalker Corp.
Citsco Inc.
Civiera & Silver International Inc.
CK Witco Corp.
CKS Packaging Inc.
Clairson Industries Corp.
Clariant Masterbatches Div.
Classic Industries Inc.
Classic Products Inc.
Cleveland County EDC
Cleveland Tubing Inc.
Cloeren Inc.
Closure Manufacturers Assn.
CMD Corp.
CMS Hartzell Inc.
Co-Mack Technology
Coarc Custom Molding & Assembly
Coast Business Credit
Coburn Corp.
Cognis Corp.
Cold Jet Inc.
Cole-Parmer Instrument Co.
Colloid Research Inc.
Colonial Packaging Inc.
Color Master Inc.
Colorco/Colorflo Inc.
Colors For Plastics Inc.
Colortech Inc.
Colt´s Plastics Co. Inc.
Columbia Products Inc.
ComAd Management Group Inc.
Comet Automation Systems Inc.
Comet Tool Co. Inc.
Command Medical Products Inc.
Command Packaging
Commercial Plastics & Supply Corp.
Commercial Plastics Recycling Inc.
Composite Particles Inc.
Composite Products Inc.
Composite Technologies Co.
Composites Fabricators Association
Composites Institute of Australia Inc.
Composites Worldwide Inc.
Comptrusion Corp.
Computer Aided Molding Applications
Conair Group
Concepts 2 Industries
Concise Technologies Inc.
Concor Tool and Machine Inc.
Condea Vista Co.
Confer Plastics Inc.
Conforma Clad Inc.
Conigliaro Industries Inc.
Conix Corp.
Conoco Inc.
Conplex Inc.
Container Recycling Institute
Container Supply Co.
Container Technology Inc.
Continental Products Inc.
Contour Mold & Tool Corp.
Contour Mold Corp.
Contour Packaging Corp.
Contract Packaging Association
Conveying Industries Inc.
Cookson Plastic Molding Material Handling Div.
Coon Mfg. Inc.
CoreTech Group Inc.
CoreTech Systems Inc.
Corma Inc.
Coronado Engineering Inc.
Coroplast Inc.
Corotec Corp.
Corr Tech Inc.
Cosmo Corp.
Costarelli USA Inc.
Courtesy Corp.
Cowan Plastic Products Corp.
CPC Inc.
CPI Plastics Group Ltd.
CPS Resources Inc.
Craftech Corp.
Crafted Plastics Inc.
Crain Communications Ltd.
Crane Plastics Inc.
Create-A-Design Inc.
Createc Corp.
Creative Control Systems Inc.
Creative Extruded Products Inc.
Creative Forming Inc.
Creative Mold Co. LLC
Creative Plastic Molders Inc.
Crescent Plastics Inc.
Cresset Powers Ltd.
Crocker Ltd.
Croma Foam Cutters
Cromex Brancolor Ltda.
Crown Mold & Machine
CRT Laboratories Inc.
Crucible Materials Corp.
Crumpler Plastic Pipe Inc.
Crystal Die & Mold Inc.
CSL Plastics Inc.
Cullom Machine Tool & Die Inc.
Cumberland Engineering Corp.
Curd Enterprises Inc., dba Multiplastics
Currier Plastics Inc.
Custom Engineering Plastics
Custom Molders Corp.
Custom Plastics Inc.
Custom Profiles Inc.
Custom Resins Inc.
Custom-Pak Inc.
Cuyahoga Plastics
Cyber Listing Corp. (Equipment)
Cyber Listing Corp. (Materials)

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