Click one of the letters below for an alphabetical listing of plastics industry web sites.

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E.A. Schmid Tool and Mold
Eagle Group Ltd.
Eagle Pacific Industries Inc.
Eagle Plastics Ltd.
East Iowa Plastics Inc.
Eastman Chemical Co.
Easton Molding Corp.
Ebbtide Polymers Corp.
Eclipse Packaging Inc.
ECM Plastics Inc.
Edison Polymer Innovation Corp.
Edlon (Robbin & Myers Inc.)
Edward D. Segen & Co. LLC
Eger Products Inc.
El Toro Plastics
Electra Form Inc.
Electran Corp.
Electronic Development Labs Inc.
Electronic Media International Inc.
Electrostatic Technology Inc.
ElectroStatics Inc.
Element Analysis Corp.
Elenac Inc.
Elf Atochem SA
Elgin Molded Plastics Inc.
Elkay Plastics Co. Inc.
Ellwood Specialty Steel Co.
Elm Grove Industries Inc.
Emmegi srl
Empire Container Corp.
Empire Plastics Inc.
Empire West Plastics Inc.
EMS-Chemie (North America) Inc.
Encor Technologies Inc.
Encore Plastics Corp.
Endot Industries Inc.
Endura Plastics Inc.
Energy Advantage Inc.
Enflo Corp.
Engel Canada Inc.
Engineered Molding Solutions Inc.
Engineered Products Inc.
Engineering Training Services Inc.
Enlace Comerical
Enron North America
Entec Polymers Inc.
Entek Extruders
Entergy Louisiana - Economic Development Group
Enterprise Florida Inc.
Entoleter Inc.
Enviro-Tech Plastics
Environ Products Inc.
Environmental Compliance Reporter Inc.
Envision Recycling
EPS Molders Assn.
Epsilon Holdings LLC
Epsilon Products Co.
Eptech Corp. Inc.
Equistar Chemicals LP
Erema North America Inc.
Erie Plastics Co.
Essex Plastics Inc.
Esterle Mold & Machine Co.
European Committee of Machinery Mfrs. for the Plastics & Rubber Industries (Euromap)
European Council for Plasticisers and Intermediates
European Marketing Group
European Plastic Product Manufacturer
European Rubber Journal
EuroPlast Ltd.
Eurotherm Controls Inc.
Evco Plastics
Everest Industries Corp.
Everlight USA Inc.
eWaste Inc.
Exair Corp.
Executive Conference Management Inc.
Extreme Tool & Engineering Inc.
Extrusion Dies Inc.
Extrutech International Inc.
Exxon Chemical Co.

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