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W.A.K. Plastics Machinery Inc.
Wabash Plastics Inc.
Wall Colmonoy Corp.
Waltec Engineering Inc.
Walton/Stout Inc.
Washington Penn Plastic Co. Inc.
Waste Management Inc.
Watertek International Ltd.
Watlow Electric Manufacturing Co.
Wayne Machine & Die Co.
Weatherchem Corp.
Webster Plastics Inc.
Webview Inc.
Weiss-Aug Co. Inc.
Welex Inc.
Wellman Engineering Resins Division
Wentworth Capital Div. of Charter Financial Inc.
Wepco Plastics Inc.
Werner-Gershon Associates
Wesco Controls and Service Inc.
Westech Fence
Western Industries Inc.
Western Plastics
Westlake Plastics Co.
Westland Corp.
Westmoreland Plastics Co.
Westra, division of 3651517 Canada Inc.
Wetz & Co. Inc.
Wexco Corp.
WH PLastics Inc.
Whaley Products Inc.
Wheeler Boyce Co.
Whitmire Container Corp.
Whittaker, Clark and Daniels Inc.
Wiggins Plastics Inc.
Wilco AG
Wilden Plastics LP
Wilkinson Manufacturing Co.
Willow Ridge Plastics Inc.
Wilmington Machinery Inc.
Wiman Corp.
WinCup Holdings Inc.
Windmoeller & Hoelscher Corp.
Windward Trading Co.
Wing Sau Industrial Co. Ltd.
Wise-Hamlin Plastics Inc.
Witt Plastics Inc.
Witt Plastics Inc. of Florida
Wittmann Robot and Automation Systems Inc.
Wixom Products Inc.
WNA Cups Illustrated Inc.
WNA Hopple Plastics Inc.
Wollin Products Inc.
Women in Packaging Inc.
Woodland Multimedia Inc.
Woodland Plastics Corp.
Woodland Poly
Woodrell Project Management
World Business Network
World Packaging Organisation
WP Instruments Inc.
Wright Plastic Products Co. LLC

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