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R&D Tool and Engineering Group
R. J. Abramo Associates Inc.
R.K. Michaels Corp.
R.L. Adams Plastics Inc.
R.N. Fink Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Rabin Bros.
Rainbow Electric Co.
Rainbow Rubber Extrusions Inc.
Ramer Ltd.
Randcastle Extrusion Systems Inc.
Rapac Inc.
Rapid Granulator Inc.
Rapid Prototype Co. Inc.
Rapra Technology Ltd.
Rauwendaal Extrusion Engineering, Inc.
Raven Industries Inc.
Raviv Precision Injection Molding
Ray Products Inc.
RBM Polymers Inc.
RBW Technologies Inc.
RC Plastics Inc.
RCO Engineering Inc.
RD Industries Inc.
RDN Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Reaction Polymers Inc.
Reade Advanced Materials
ReBase Products Inc.
Recycled Plastics Marketing Inc.
Reddog Industries
Reduction Engineering Inc.
Reed-Prentice Ltd.
Reedy International Corp.
Reel-O-Matic (Reel-Neat Systems Inc.)
Regal Plastic Co.
Regal Plastics Supply Co.
Regloplas AG
Regulatory Update
Rehrig Pacific Co.
Reid Plastics Inc.
Reifenhauser Inc.
Reiss Manufacturing Inc.
Reliable Resins Co.
Remcon Plastics Inc.
Renosol Corp.
Reprint Management Services
Republic Bag Inc.
Research Inc.
Resin Express Ltd
Resin Source
Resin Technology Inc.
Resinex NV
Resinoid Engineering Corp.
Retail Packaging Manufacturers Association
ReTech Industries Inc.
Reusable Plastic Container & Pallet Association
Rex International Inc.
Rexam Medical Packaging
Rhopore Inc.
Rice Engineering Corp.
Richards Packaging Inc.
Richcraft Designs Inc.
Richland County (Ill.) Development Corp.
Rick´s Plastics Links
Ricon Colors Inc.
Ricon Resins Inc.
Ridout Plastics Co. Inc.
Rieter Corp.
Rimcor Inc.
Rimnetics Inc.
Rit-Chem Co. Inc.
Rite Systems Inc.
River Valley Plastics Inc.
Riverdale Color
Rivers Metal Products Inc.
Riverside County (Calif.) Economic Development Agency
Rix Products
RJF International Corp.
RJG Inc.
RJM International Inc.
RLT Industries
Robbins Industries
Robert A. Beard & Associates Inc.
Robert N. Silber Inc.
Robinson Industries Inc.
Robotic Production Technology Inc.
Robroy Conduit Division (Plasti-Bond)
Robroy Industries
Robson Co. Inc.
Rocheleau Tool & Die Co. Inc.
Rock-Tenn Co. Plastic Packaging
Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley
Rocky Mountain Colby Pipe Co.
Roeslein & Associates Inc.
Rohm and Haas Plastics Additives
Roll Technology Corp.
Rollepaal-USA Inc.
Rollpak Corp.
Rolykit Vandermolen BV
Romax Inc.
Ronald Mark Associates Inc.
Roplast Industries Inc.
Roscom Inc.
Roto Plastics Corp.
Rotogran International Inc.
Rotomolding Consultants
Rotonics Manufacturing Inc.
Royal Group Technologies Ltd.
Royal Mould Technologies
Royalite Thermoplastics
RS Design
Rubber & Plastics News
Rubber City Machinery Corp.
Russell-Stanley Corp.
Rutan P/E Supply & Bag Mfg. Co. Inc.
Ryka Blow Molds Ltd.
Ryko Products Inc.
Rytan Inc.

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