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Sabreen Group Inc.
Sadaplast Inc.
Sailing Specialties Inc.
Sailor Pen Co. Ltd.
Sailor U.S.A. Inc.
Sajar Plastics Inc.
Sales Consultants
Samco Plastics Corp.
Samsung Cheil Industries Inc.
Samsung General Chemicals Co. Ltd.
San Diego Plastics Inc.
Sandretto USA Inc.
Santin Engineering Inc.
SAS Automation Ltd.
Satake USA Inc.
Schafer Systems Inc.
Schlueter Co.
Schmit Prototypes Inc.
Schoeneck Containers Inc.
Schoettli USA
Schulze Tool Co.
Sci-Tech Discount Bookstore
Scientific Molding Corp. Ltd.
Scientific Process & Research Inc.
SCM Group USA Inc.
Scrap magazine (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries)
SDC Coatings Inc.
SDC Technologies Inc.
SDM Inc.
Sea Tec Co.
Seajay Manufacturing Corp.
Sealed Air Corp.
SearchMeister LP
Seaward International Inc.
Seawolf Industries Inc.
Security Plastics Inc.
Seifert Technologies Inc.
Seljan Tool Co.
Semco Plastics Inc.
Sencorp Systems Inc.
Senoplast Klepsch und Co. Gmbh & CoKG
Service Tectonics Inc.
Services Four Automation
Seta Textile Industry and Trade Ltd.
SF Technology
SGS International Certification Services Inc.
SGS Tool Co.
Shakespeare Monofilaments and Specialty Polymers
Shantou Soe First Polyester Films Co. Ltd.
ShapeMaster Inc.
Shaw Tech Sales Inc.
Sheffield Plastics Inc.
Shell Chemicals Ltd.
Shepherd Thermoforming & Packaging Inc.
Sherwood Technologies Inc.
Shield Pack Inc.
Shiland Supply Inc.
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc.
Shuman Plastics Inc.
Shutters Inc.
Sidel Inc.
Siegel-Robert Inc.
Sievert Group
Sigma Stretch Film
Silicone Products & Technology Inc.
Silo Systems/Shaffer-Smith Equipment Inc.
Sinicon Plastics Inc.
Sira International Corp.
Size Reduction Specialists Corp.
SKC America Inc.
Slaney McConnell Co.
Slide Products Inc.
Snider Mold Co. Inc.
Snyder Industries Inc.
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International
Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE)
Society of the Plastics Industry Inc. (SPI)
Society of Vacuum Coaters
Sodick Inc.
Software Resources International Ltd.
Sohner Plastic Technologies Inc.
Solar Plastics Inc.
Solar Products Inc.
Solid Controls Inc.
SoluTech Inc.
Solutia Inc.
Solvay Benvic
Solvay SA
SolveTech Inc.
Sonics & Materials Inc.
Sonitek Corp.
Sonobond Ultrasonics
Sonoco High Density Film Products Div.
Soo Plastics Inc.
South Shore Precision
Southern Extrusion Specialists Inc.
Southern Plastics Co.
Southern Polymer Inc.
Southrep Inc.
Southwest Mold Inc.
SpaceAge Synthetics Inc.
Spadone Inc.
Spartech Corp.
Spartek Inc.
SPE-Golden Gate Section
SPE-Mid-Michigan Section
Speci-Plast UK Ltd.
Special Plastic Systems
Specialized Technology Resources Inc.
Specialty Blades Inc.
Specialty Products Co.
Spectrum Plastics Inc.
Spectrum Plastics Molding Resources Inc.
Spectrum Sales Group
Spencer Industries Inc.
SPG Group
SPI - Film and Bag Federation
SPI Industries Inc.
SPI South
SPI-Custom Coatings Section
SPI-Epoxy Resin Formulators Div.
SPI-Fluoropolymers Div.
SPI-International Trade Advisory Committee
SPI-Machinery Div.
SPI-Phenolic Div.
SPI-Sheet Producers Div.
SPI-Structural Plastics Division
SPI-Vinyl Formulators Div.
SPI-Wire and Cable Subcommittee
Spir-it Inc.
Spiratex Co.
Spirex Corp.
SPL Coatings Technology
SSI Shredding Systems Inc.
St. Johns Packaging Ltd.
Stack Pac Corp.
Stack Plastics Inc.
Stahlin Fiberglass Enclosures
Stamprite Machine Co.
Star Automation Inc.
Starbase Technologies Inc.
Static Control Components Inc.
Staubli Corp.
STC Plastics (New Wave Water Systems)
Steere Enterprises Inc.
Steinwall Inc.
Stemmerich Inc.
Step Products Inc.
Sterling Inc.
Sterling Systems
Sterling Technologies Inc.
Steve Lee Associates
StockCap Division of Sinclair & Rush Inc.
Stoesser Industries Inc.
Stopol Inc.
STP Equipment Inc.
Stratasys Inc.
Strategic Analysis
Strictly Extrusion
Strong Plastics Engineering Inc.
Strongwell Corp.
Structural Insulated Panel Association
Stull Technologies
Sturgis Molded Products Co.
Styletek Inc.
StyroChem International
Sukano Products Ltd.
Sumitomo Plastics - Machinery
Summa Industries
Summit International LLC
Sun Plastech Inc.
Sunbelt Plastics
Sunrez Corp.
Superior Die Set Corp.
Superior International Industries Inc.
Suppliers of Advanced Composite Materials Assn.
Supplybase Inc.
Surface Science Laboratories
SWD Urethane Co.
Sweet Impressions
Syscon International Inc.
Systematic Automation Inc.
Systronics Inc.

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