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U.S. Search and U.S. SearchSM services is committed to providing comprehensive, thorough, and time-sensitive executive search expertise to our clientele. Our extensive research indicates that our client companies are interested in securing a higher level of service and relationship with the search firm that represents them. U.S. Search partners closely with our clients, enabling us to understand and appreciate its corporate culture. We work closely with senior management to gain an understanding of the client's strengths and weaknesses, and to be able to articulate their vision for the future to potential candidates.

Look to the recruitment firm that works for - and understands - your business.

The placement of key personnel is critical to the prosperity of any business. For more than 16 years, U.S. Search and U.S. SearchSM services has assisted companies in finding the right people for the right position. Our expertise is concentrated in all phases of the plastics, composite materials, packaging and specialty chemicals industries. We know the business - and we know the people who can make them successful.

As members of the Society of Plastics Engineers and the Society of the Plastics Industry, U.S. Search and U.S. SearchSM services has a vested interest in the issues and challenges facing our clients. We maintain contacts throughout the global marketplace, putting our knowledge to work for companies looking for the most qualified, performance-oriented people in the following disciplines:

  • Sales, Marketing, General Management
  • Technical Support and Management
  • Plant and Operations Management
  • Product Development, Engineering and Scientific
  • Technical Service and Development
  • ISO Trained Professionals
  • Purchasing and Logistics Specialists

U.S. Search and U.S. SearchSM services is committed to the ultimate satisfaction of our clients. If you have a position to fill that does not fit in any of the above categories, talk to us. If we still can't help you, we will be happy to refer you to a firm that can.

The right individual to meet your company's needs.

First things first: U.S. Search and U.S. SearchSM services is NOT in the business of "mass-marketing" unsolicited resumes and "okay" candidates. Our recruitment process doesn't start until after we have spoken with our client and identified the vital attributes of the ideal candidate. We develop objective standards of performance, distinguish the personal qualities that will mesh with the client company and position. Then, the process begins.

  • We research and establish appropriate target companies and sources.
  • We analyze our extensive electronic database of industry professionals.
  • We identify target candidates.
  • We discuss various options with our client.
  • We then contact and THOROUGHLY screen the selected candidates to determine viability and interest.
  • We verify the candidates' background and key accomplishments.
  • We solicit feedback from both candidate and client after all interviews.
  • We assist the client in preparing acceptable offers, covering (if necessary) such issues as relocation, spouse job assistance, etc.
  • We help bring about a successful search culmination, setting a start date and schedule for follow-up evaluation.

We at U.S. Search and U.S. SearchSM services have worked hard to establish an outstanding reputation for maintaining the highest ethical standards and complete confidentiality in every search. Our name is on the line every time we accept an assignment - and we don't let our clients down.

A commitment to TQS - Total Quality Service

In a time when many companies are implementing a quality process, we at U.S. Search and U.S. SearchSM services have adopted our own philosophy of Total Quality Service. That means working with our clients to save them time and money and to meet their needs. In addition to recruitment services, we also offer a variety of other capabilities designed to address client challenges in today's marketplace: assistance in management consulting, mergers and acquisitions, and capital acquisition services.

What's the best reason to hire U.S. Search and U.S. SearchSM services? Just ask our clients.

Upon request, U.S. Search and U.S. SearchSM services is pleased to supply you with references from one or more of our clients from non-competing firms. They will tell you just what they expected from our services - and what we delivered. In a business built on reputation, U.S. Search and U.S. SearchSM services is proud to maintain prosperous partnerships with our clients worldwide, continuing our working relationships from initial consultation through follow-ups and new assignments. Our reputation is based on the success of our key placements and has been for over 18 years.

We would like our next partnership to be with your company.

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