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N.E.W. Plastics Corp.´s Renew Plastics Div.
NACE International, the Corrosion Society
Nalge Nunc International
National Assn. for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR)
National Association of Manufacturers
National Certification in Plastics/SPI
National Housewares Mfrs. Assn.
National Plastek Inc.
National Plastics Center & Museum
National Plastics Color Inc.
National Recovery Technologies Inc.
National Recycling Corp.
National Soft Drink Assn.
National Tool and Manufacturing Co.
National Tooling & Machining Assn.
Nationwide Plastics --
NC Microproducts Inc.
NCT Group
NDC Infrared Engineering
NDH Medical Inc.
Nebraska Mold
Neha Impex Private Ltd.
Netstal Machinery Inc.
NetVendor Inc.
Neuero Corp.
New Castle Industries Inc.
New England Extrusion Inc.
New England Mold Inc.
New England Urethane Inc.
New Image Plastics Mfg.
Newburgh Molded Products Inc.
Newline Color Inc.
Next Step Communications
Nexus Plastics Inc.
Niagara Plastics Co.
Nicolet Plastics Inc.
Nicollet Process Engineering Inc.
Niigata Engineering Co.
Nolato Texas Inc.
Norco Injection Molding Inc.
Nordon Inc.
Noren Products Inc.
Norstar Aluminum Molds Inc.
North American Contract Employee Services
North American Seal & Supply Inc.
Northeast Extrusion Tooling
Northeast Mold & Plastics Inc.
Northern Engraving Corp.
Northern Fiber Glass Sales Inc.
Northern Supply Co.
Northwest Technical Integrators Inc.
Northwestern Tool & Die Manufacturing Corp.
Norton Precision Mouldings Ltd.
Nova Chemicals Corp.
Nova-Borealis Compounds LLC
Novatec Inc.
NPE 2000
NSF International
NSW Corp.
Nucon Systems Inc.
Nutter Machine Co. Inc.
Ny-Glass Plastics Inc.
Nylomold Corp.
Nypro Inc.
Nypro Online
NYX Inc.

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