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A&B Plastics
A&B Plastics-Southwest Inc.
A&E Plastics Inc.
A&J Industries LLC
A&L Plastics Co. Inc.
A&R Intermodal Inc.
A-B Lasers Inc.
A-Pac Mfg. Co.
A-Top Polymers Inc.
A. Routsis Associates Inc.
A. Schulman Inc.
A.I.M. International Inc.
A.L. Hyde Co.
A1 Plastic Part and Product Database
Aaron Equipment Co.
Aaron Industries Corp.
AAV Plastics Design
Aba SA de CV
ABB Flexible Automation
Abco Plastics
Able Plastics
ABW Plastics
AC Buckhorn
Accu-Tech Plastics
Accura Tool and Mold Inc.
Accutech Packaging Inc.
Acme Plastic Machinery Corp.
Acme-Hardesty Co.
Acoplásticos (Colombian Association of Plastics Industries)
Acoustical Tooling Co.
Acrison Inc.
Acro-Matic Plastics Corp.
Acrol Ltd.
Acromark Industries Inc.
AcroTech Midwest Inc.
Action Industries Inc.
Action Products Co.
Action Technology Co.
Active Burgess Mould & Design
Acton Technologies Inc.
Actual Fenster AG
Adams Engineers & Equipment Inc.
Adaptive Optics Associates Inc.
Adept Corp.
Advance Polybag Inc.
Advanced Compounding
Advanced Elastomer Systems LP
Advanced Engineering & Molding Technology Inc.
Advanced Plastics Technologies
Advanced Polymer Alloys LLC
Advanced Polymers Inc.
Advanced Textile Recycling
Advantage Engineering Inc.
Advantage Plastic Products Inc.
Advantage Plastics of New York Inc.
Advanz Measurement & Control Systems Inc.
Advent Tool & Mold Inc.
AEC Inc.
Aeolian Enterprises Inc.
AEP Industries Inc.
Aero Precision Products Inc.
Afco Plastic Products
AGF Burner Inc.
AGR International Inc.
Air Logic Power Systems Inc.
Airflow Systems Inc.
Airlite Plastics Co.
AK Industries Ltd.
Akon Plastic Enterprises Inc.
Akron Polymer Training Center
Akron Porcelain & Plastics Co.
Aksoy Plastik AS
AL Group Lawson Mardon
Alameda Commons Packaging
Alba Enterprises Inc.
Albany International - High Performance Materials
Albemarle Corp.
Albis North America
Alfa Auto Machinery Co. Ltd.
Alga Plastics Co.
Algram America
Algus Packaging Inc.
All American Polymers Inc.
All India Plastics Manufacturers´ Assn.
All West Plastics Inc.
Allegany County (Md.) Dept. of Economic Development
Allen Extruders Inc.
Alliance for the Polyurethanes Industry
Alliance Gas Systems Inc.
Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers
Alliance Plastics
Alliance Precision Plastics
Allied Dies Inc.
Allied Group Enterprises Inc.
Allied Moulded Products Inc.
Alloy Polymers Inc.
Alloyd Co. Inc.
Alltrista Corp.
Aloha Plastic Recycling Inc.
Alpha Equipment Co.
Alpha Rho Inc.
AlphaGary Corp.
Alphatec Extrusion
Alpine American
Alside Inc.
Alternative Plastic Services
Altrust USA Inc.
Amcel Corp.
Amcor Twinpak-North America Inc.
Ameri-Kart Corp.
American Aerostar Corp.
American Chemical Society
American Colors Inc.
American Commodities Inc.
American Ecoboard Inc.
American Extruded Plastics Inc.
American Extrusion Services Inc.
American Form Tech Inc.
American Kuhne Inc.
American Mold Builders Association
American MSI Corp.
American Packaging Co. Inc.
American Plastic Molding Corp.
American Plastics Council -- Automotive Learning Center
American Plastics Council -- News, Education and Benefits
American Plastics Council -- Plastics and Health
American Plastics Council -- Plastics and the Environment
American Plastics Council --
American Plastics Exchange Inc.
American Plastics Extruding Inc.
American Polymers Inc.
American Precision Products Inc.
American Profol Inc.
American Recycled Plastic Inc.
American Roller Co.
American Sheet Extrusion Corp.
American Society for Plasticulture
American Team Inc.
American Tool & Engineering Inc.
American Tool & Mold Inc.
American Trading Co.
American Wood Fibers
Amerimax Home Products Inc.
AMI International Inc.
Amicon Plastics
Amko Plastics Inc.
Ampacet Corp.
Amplaco Inc.
Amspec Chemical Corp.
Amtec Engineering Inc.
Anacom General Corp.
Anaheim Custom Extruders Inc.
Analytical Design Associates Inc.
Anderson American Precision Inc.
Anderson Group
Andex Industries Inc.
Andover Industries
Annecat Plastics
Apex Machine Tool Co.
Apex Plastic Technologies Inc.
Apex Plastics Inc.
APlast International
Apollo Plastic Corp.
Applied Fiber Systems Ltd.
Applied Hardcoating Technologies
Applied Plastics Co. Inc.
Applied Plastics Inc.
Applied Process Equipment Corp.
Applied Technologies Inc.
APW Plastics Group
Aranda Editora - Plástico Industrial
Aranda Editora Ltda.
Arca Systems
ArgoSys Robotics & Accessories
Aristech Acrylics LLC
AristoTechnics Inc.
Arlington Plastics Machinery Inc.
Armoloy of Illinois Inc.
ARRK Product Development Group
Art Mold Corp.
Artemis Industries Inc.
Artistic Finishers Inc.
Asheville Thermoform Plastics Inc.
Ashland Chemical Co.
Ashley Polymers Inc.
Ashton Plastic Products Inc.
Associated Thermoforming Inc.
Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers
Association of Rotational Molders
Association of Rotational Moulders Australasia Inc
Assocomaplast (Italian Plastics and Rubber Processing Machinery and Moulds Manufacturers´ Assn.)
Astech Plastics Distributors Ltd.
ASW Services
AT Plastics Inc.
Atlan Plastics Inc.
Atlantic Extrusions Corp.
Atlantic Group
Atlantic Plastics Inc.
Atlantis Plastics Inc.
Atlas Electric Devices Co.
Austro Mold Inc.
AustroTech Corp.
Autojectors Inc.
Automa SpA
Automated Assemblies Corp.
Automated Extrusion Tooling
Automated Packaging Systems Inc.
Automotive Industry Action Group
Autronic Plastics Inc.
Avalon Imaging Inc.
AVC Corp.
Axel Plastics Inc.
Axmann Conveying Systems Inc.
Axon Plastics Machinery AB

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