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F.R. Gross Co. Inc.
FabOhio Inc.
Fabri-Form Co.
Fabri-Kal Corp.
Fabricated Extrusion Co.
FabriPol SA
Falcon Plastics Inc.
Far East Trading Co.
Farrel Corp.
Fast Heat Inc.
Fast-Find Inc.
Fasti-USA Inc.
Favorite Plastics
FBE Corp.
Federal Equipment Co.
Federal Hose Inc.
Federal Plastics Corp.
Fenton, Weber & Jones Packaging Inc.
Ferber Midwest
Ferriot Inc.
Ferro Corp.
FET Engineering Inc.
FGL Precision Works Ltd.
Fiber Extrusion Inc.
Fiber Pad Inc.
Fiber-Tech Industries Inc.
Fielco Industries
Film Specialties Inc.
Film Tech Corp.
Filmco Inc.
Filtroil North America Inc.
Fitz Chem Corp.
Fitzpak Inc.
Flair Molded Plastics Inc.
Flambeau Corp.
Fleck Company Inc.
Flender Corp.
Flex Technologies Inc.
Flex-O-Glass Inc.
Flexible Packaging Assn.
Flexwrap Corp.
Flite Technology Inc.
Foam Design Inc.
Foam Fabricators Inc.
Focus Automation Systems Inc.
Foodservice & Packaging Institute, Inc.
Foremost Machine Builders Inc.
Formed Plastics Inc.
Formex Manufacturing Inc.
Formosa Plastics Corp. U.S.A.
Formtech Enterprises Inc.
FormTex Plastics Corp.
Formula Plastics Inc.
Fort Wayne Plastics Inc.
Forte Automation Systems Inc.
Fortune International Inc.
Forward Technology Industries Inc.
Foster Corp.
Foster Group
Fourjay Industries Inc.
Fowler Products Inc.
FP International
FP International Inc.
Fraen Corp.
Frankl-Thomas Inc.
FRE Composites Inc.
Freedom Plastics Inc.
Freeman Co.
Freeman Mfg. & Supply Co.
Fremont Plastic Molds
Friedman Bag Company Inc.
Fuse Integrated Marketing Inc.
Fusibond Piping Systems Inc.
Future Design Inc.
Future Mold Corp.

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