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M&C Advanced Processes Inc.
M&H Industries Inc.
M&Q Plastic Products
M.A. Hanna Co.
M.A. Hanna Resin Distribution
M.C. Molds Inc.
M.F. Cachat Co.
M.R. Mold & Engineering
M2M International Ltd.
Maac Machinery Corp.
Maag Pump Systems-Textron Inc.
MAC Automation Concepts Inc.
MAC Closures Inc.
Mach Mold Inc.
MachinePoint Industrial Experts Associated
Mack Molding Co.
Madan Plastics Inc.
Made in the Shade International Inc.
Madison Group
MAG Inc.
Magnum LLC
Maguire Products Inc.
Maine Plastics Inc.
Mainland Group
Mako Machinery Inc.
Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association
Manchester Packaging Co.
Manish Packaging Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturing and Industrial Resource Center
Manufacturing Information Solutions
Mark 2 Automation Inc.
Mark One Machinery Sales Ltd.
Marketing Consultants Co.
Marketing Results
Markperi International
Marland Mold Inc.
Marlock Inc.
Marpac Industries
Marplast Inc.
Mars Plastics Inc.
Marshall and Williams Co.
Marth Wood Shavings Supply
Martin Thomas Inc.
Mascon (Management and Systems Consulting)
Maskell-Robbins Inc.
MasonWays Indestructible Plastics
Massachusetts Plastics Alliance
Master Molded Products Corp.
Mastercraft Cos.
Mastio & Co.
Mastip Hot Runner Systems
Material Handling Industry of America/Reusable Plastic Container and Pallet Assn.
Material Partnerships Inc.
Materiality LLC
Matra Plast Industries Inc.
Matrex Mold and Tool Inc.
Matrix Inc.
Matrix Plastics Co.
Matrix Tool Inc.
Matrix Tooling Inc.
Matsui America Inc.
Mattec Corp.
Maxager Technology Inc.
Maxdem Inc.
Maxima Plastic Services
Mayet SA
Mayfair Plastics
McAllen (Texas) Economic Development Corp.
McCann Plastics Inc.
McCarty Technologies, Inc
McConkey Co.
McConnell Co. Inc.
McCooe & Associates Inc.
McKechnie Plastic Components
McKechnie Tooling & Engineering
McLube Division-McGee Industries Inc.
Medical Extrusion Technologies Inc.
Medical Plastic Devices Inc.
MedTech Group Inc.
Mercury Tool & Mold Inc.
Mergon International
Meridian Machining Inc.
Merritt Extruder
Merseyside Metal Services Ltd.
Messinger Associates
Met-L-Tec Inc.
Metaflake Ltd
Metro Custom Plastics Inc.
MF-Folien GmbH
MGA/Compuman International Inc.
Michael Day Enterprises Inc.
Michelman Inc.
Michigan Molecular Institute
Micro Molding Inc.
Micro Plastics Inc.
Micro Tool & Mfg./Micro Plastics Inc.
Microdyne Plastics Inc.
Micromold Inc.
Micron Molding Inc.
Microplas Industries Inc.
Mid America Plastics Partners, Inc.
Mid American Plastics Inc.
Mid South Extrusion Inc.
MidAmerica Industrial Park
Middlefield Plastics Inc.
Midstate Mold and Engineering
Milacron Inc. - Plastics Technologies
Milgard Manufacturing
Millennium Plastic Wood LLC
Miller-Leaman Inc.
Milmar Plastics Inc.
Mime Technologies Inc.
Min-Tech Inc.
Minco Group
Miniature Precision Components Inc.
Miniature Tool & Die Inc.
Minot Area Development Corp.
Minplast Inc.
Mississippi Polymer Institute
Mitech Corp.
Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics Corp.
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America Inc.
Mitsubishi International Corp.
Mitsubishi Polyester Film LLC
Mitsubishi Rayon America Inc.
Mitsui Chemicals America Inc.
MNB Mould Services Ltd.
Mocap Inc.
Model 2 Mold Pte. Ltd.
Model Mold & Machine Co. Inc.
Modern Plastic Technics
Modern Plastic Technology
Modern Plastics Corp.
Modern Plastics Inc.
Mokon Div., Protective Closures Co. Inc.
Mold Base Industries Inc.
Mold Craft Inc.
Mold Engineering Inc.
Mold In Graphic Systems
Mold Project
Mold Threads Inc.
Mold-Masters Ltd.
Mold-Tech Inc.
Moldflow Corp.
Molding Resource Inc.
MoldMaking Technology
MoldMore Corp.
Molds Unlimited Inc.
Moll Industries Inc.
Molymet Plásticos SA
Monarch Plastics Inc.
Monitor Systems Inc.
Monmouth Rubber & Plastics Corp.
Monroe Inc.
Montell Polyolefins
Montrose (Colo.) Economic Development Council
Moore & Munger Inc.
Moore Recycling Associates Inc.
Moreland Machinery Co. Inc.
Motan Inc.
Mould-Tek Industries Inc.
Mountain Molding LLC
Mountaintop Economics & Research Inc.
MPC Inc.
MPC Mouldings
MRI Plastic Tech Group
MSC Specialty Films Inc.
MSI International
MTM Systems Inc.
MTS Systems Corp.
MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Division
Multi-Pak USA Inc.
Multi-Plastics Inc.
Multibase Inc.
Multifilm Packaging Corp.
MultiPaq Inc.
Multiplas International Inc.
Munchy Ltd.
Munot Plastics, Inc.
Munro & Associates Inc.
Munters Corp.
MXL Industries Inc.
Myton Industries Inc.

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