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P. James Carolin Co.
P.J. Murphy Forest Products Corp.
P.P. Injection Moulds & Moulding Ltd.
Pacemaker Plastics Co. Inc.
Pacific Bin Corp.
Pacific Engineering Systems Inc.
Pacific Injection Molding Ltd.
Pacific Texturing Inc.
Packaging Business
Packaging Education Forum
Packaging Horizons Magazine
Packaging Management Online
Packaging Products Inc.
Packaging Strategies
Pagev -- Turkish Plastic Producers Association
Palace Packaging Machines Inc.
Palram Industries
Panametrics Inc.
Panchal Plastic Machinery Private Ltd.
Panduit Corp.
Panelgraphic Corp.
Pano Cap Canada Ltd.
Panther Plastics and Consulting Co.
Paolini S.A.I.C.
Par-Pak Ltd.
Paragon Films Inc.
Paragon Packaging Inc.
Paragon Plastics Inc.
Paragon Technology Inc.
Parallel Design
Paramount Import Export Corp.
Paratherm Corp.
Parkinson Machinery and Manufacturing Corp.
Parr-Green Mold & Machine Inc.
Partec Resources Inc.
Patt Filtration Div. of PHM Inc.
Paul Asia & Co.
Paulson Training Programs Inc.
Paul´s Beltway Plastics Ltd.
Pawling Corp.
PD Technical Services Division
Pearl River Holdings Ltd.
Pearson Packaging Systems
PEL Associates
Pelletizer Group Inc.
Pelletron Corp.
Pen Research
Pen-Ro Group
Penn Compression Moulding Inc.
Penn Plastics Inc.
Pennsylvania College of Technology
Performance Alloys
Performance Polymers Inc.
Peridot Inc.
Perrin Manufacturing Co.
PET Mold Components Inc.
Petro Plastics Co. Inc.
Petronet Inc.
Peyser Group Inc.
PFA Inc.
PFI Vacuum Forming Inc.
PFS Thermoplastic Powder Coating
Phase Engineering Inc.
Phillips Chemical Co.
Phillips Plastics Corp.
Phoenix Custom Molders Inc.
Phoenix Films Inc.
Phoenix Technologies LP
Pilot Industries Inc.
Pine River Plastics Inc.
Pioneer Plastics Inc.
Pitney Bowes Plastic Components Operations Inc.
Pitt Plastics Inc.
Placon Corp.
Plano Custom Molding & Engineering Co.
PlasCap Corp.
Plasco Inc.
Plaskolite Inc.
Plaslok Corp.
Plast Technic Trading
Plast-Control Inc.
Plast-Ex International Inc.
Plastech Consulting Inc.
Plastech Control Systems Ltd.
Plastech Corp.
PlasTechs Design Co.
Plastek Group
Plasti-clip Corp.
Plasti-Mach Corp.
Plasti-Quip Inc.
Plasti-Vac Inc.
Plastic Bottle Corp.
Plastic Components Inc.
Plastic Connections Inc.
Plastic Craft Inc.
Plastic Creations
Plastic Extruded Parts Inc.
Plastic Extruded Products Co.
Plastic Fabricating Co. Inc.
Plastic Fabrication Services Inc.
Plastic Forming Co. Inc.
Plastic Industry Dot Com
Plastic Ingenuity Inc.
Plastic Materials for Industry
Plastic Metal SpA
Plastic Mold Technology
Plastic Molded Concepts Inc.
Plastic Molding Technology Inc.
Plastic Omnium Zarn
Plastic Packaging Inc.
Plastic Parts Inc.
Plastic Pipe Connections
Plastic Process Equipment Inc.
Plastic Processing Systems
Plastic Products Co. Inc.
Plastic Resources
Plastic Resources Inc.
Plastic Revolutions Inc.
Plastic Services & Equipment
Plastic Services Inc.
Plastic Specialties Inc.
Plastic Suppliers Inc.
Plastic Technologies Inc.
Plastic Technology Inc.
Plastic Works Inc.
Plastican Inc.
Plástico Industrial
Plasticolors Inc.
Plasticos del Futuro SA de CV
Plasticos Solca SA
Plasticraft Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Plastics 101
Plastics Auxiliaries magazine
Plastics Canada
Plastics Color Corp.
Plastics Distributor and Fabricator Magazine
Plastics Engineered Components
Plastics Engineering & Development Inc.
Plastics Engineering Co.
Plastics Engineering Labs
Plastics Equipment Group U.S.Bancorp
Plastics General Inc.
Plastics Group
Plastics Group Inc.
Plastics Institute of New Zealand
Plastics Machinery Alliance
Plastics Machining & Fabricating
Plastics Mall
Plastics Market
Plastics News
Plastics News International
Plastics One Inc. (Conn.)
Plastics One Inc. (Va.)
Plastics Pipe Institute
Plastics Platform
Plastics Processors Assn. of Ohio
Plastics Resources Inc.
Plastics Show, The
Plastics Technical Representatives Lda.
Plastics Technology Deployment Center
Plastics Technology Laboratories Inc.
Plastics Technology Magazine Pte. Ltd.
PlasticSearch - RCE Associates
PlastiCycle Corp.
Plastifab Industries Inc.
Plastimac SpA
Plastiques Moore Inc.
PlazTek Custom Injection Molding
Pleasant Precision Inc.
Pliant Plastics Corp.
Plymouth Foam Inc.
PMC Engineered Plastics Inc.
PMS Systems Ltd.
Polar Industries Inc.
Poly Processing Co.
Poly Vinyl Co. Inc.
Poly-Pak Industries Inc.
Polycarbonate Lens Council
Polycast Technology
Polychem USA Inc.
Polydynamics Inc.
Polyfoam Packers Corp.
Polygal USA Inc.
Polyisocyanurate Insulation Mfrs. Assn.
Polymer Alliance Zone Inc.
Polymer Diagnostics Inc.
Polymer Insights
Polymer Institute Brno spol. sár.o.
Polymer Marketing Inc.
Polymer Plastics Corp.
Polymer Processing Institute
Polymer Recovery Systems Inc.
Polymer Resources Ltd.
Polymer Sales Inc.
Polymer Services of Ohio LLC
Polymer Technology & Services LLC
Polymer Technology Group
Polymer Training Resources Inc.
Polymers Center of Excellence
Polymers Dot Com
Polyply Composites Inc.
Polyshot Corp.
Polysource Inc.
Polystyrene Packaging Council
Polythene Industries
PolyTrade Inc.
Polyurethane Foam Association
Polyvel Inc.
Polyzen Inc.
Port Erie Plastics Inc.
Port Plastics Inc.
Portage Plastics Corp.
Porth Plastic Co.
Portola Packaging Inc.
Porvair Advanced Materials
Power Ship Transport Inc.
PowerTech Components Inc.
Pozzetta Products
Prairie Plastics Inc.
Praxiom Research Group Ltd.
Precise Plastics Inc.
Precise Technology Inc.
Precise Tool & Die Inc.
Precision Engineering Inc.
Precision Mold & Design Inc.
Precision Mold & Tool Inc.
Precision Mold Base Corp.
Precision Mold Inc.
Precision Plastics Inc.
Premier Plastics Inc.
Premier Pneumatics Inc.
Premier Polymers Inc.
Premix Inc.
Prent Corp.
Preproduction Plastics Inc.
Presco Products Co.
Presma Corp.
Presma SpA
Presona Inc.
Pressco Technology Inc.
Prime Alliance Inc.
Primex Plastics Corp.
Princeton Case West
Principia Partners
Priority Manufacturing Corp.
Prism Consultants Ltd.
Prismflex Inc.
Pro Pel Plastech Inc.
Pro Plastics Inc.
Pro Technology International Ltd.
Procedyne Corp.
Process & Auxiliary Equipment Sales Corp.
Process Control Corp.
Process Thermal Dynamics Inc.
Processing Technologies Inc.
Prode srl
Product Development & Management Association
Product Development Solutions Inc.
Productive Plastics Inc.
Professional Plastics
Profile Dies srl
Progressive Components
Progressive Plastics Inc.
Progressive Tool & Mfg. Co.
Projects NY Inc.
Promax Containers International Inc.
ProMold Inc.
Prosul Technology Inc.
Protective Lining Corp.
Protogenic Inc.
Protoplast Inc.
PTA Corp.
PTI Inc.
PTY Enterprises Inc.
Puffin Plastics Co.
Pulsar Plastics Inc.
Putnam Precision Molding Inc.
PWPipe (PW Eagle Inc.)
Pyramid Plastics Inc. (Ill.)
Pyramid Plastics Inc. (Ohio)
Pyramid Solutions Inc.

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