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D&M Plastics Corp.
D-M-E Co.
D.A. Fehr Inc.
D.I.S. Tech Group
D.P. Polymers Inc.
D.S.P. Co. Inc.
Daicel Polymers Ltd.
Dakota Ultrasonics Corp.
Dal-Wrap Products
Dalton Electric Heating Co. Inc.
Dana Molded Products Inc.
Danish Plastics Federation
Dart Container Corp.
Datacolor International
David Mazzalupo & Associates Inc.
David Wolfe Design Inc.
Davidson Plastics Corp.
Davis-Standard Corp.
Dayton Technologies Inc.
Dayton Vinyl Products/Midwest Industrial Supplies Ltd.
Day´s Molding and Machinery LLC
DCS Corp.
De Ster Americas
De Walque & Associates
De-Lux Mold and Machine Inc.
Decatur Plastic Products Inc.
Deco Technology Group Inc.
Decoma International Inc.
Deimling/Jeliho Plastics Inc.
DeKalb Molded Plastics Co.
Delta Colours Inc.
Delta Cooling Towers Inc.
Delta Polymers
Delta T Systems Inc.
Demag Ergotech GmbH
Denton Plastics Inc.
Derby Plastics Ltd.
DeRoyal Plastics Group
DerriTech Consultants International Inc.
Desco Plastics Inc.
Design Concepts Inc.
Design Form International
Design Plastics Inc.
Designovations Inc.
Designs, Concepts & Solutions Inc.
Destiny Plastics Inc.
DevTech Labs Inc.
DeWal Industries Inc.
DGP Windsor India Ltd.
Diamond Plastics Inc.
DiamondBlack Technologies Inc.
Dicronite Dry Lube
Dielectric Corp.
Diemould Tooling Services Pty. Ltd.
Dilesco Corp.
Dimatic Die & Tool Co.
Dings Co.
Discovery Personnel Inc.
Display Pack Inc.
Diversified CPC International Inc.
Dixie Packaging Inc.
Donnelly Custom Manufacturing Co.
Dordan Manufacturing Inc.
Douglas Group
Dover Chemical Corp.
Dow Automotive
Dow Chemical Co.
Dow Plastics
Drawline Pty. Ltd.
Dri-Air Industries Inc.
Drossbach N.A. Inc.
DRS Industries, Inc.
Drug Plastics & Glass Co. Inc.
DSC Inc.
DSM Engineering Plastic Products
DSM Engineering Plastics
DTM Corp.
DTR Software International
Duerr Tool & Die Co.
Dukane Ultrasonics
Dun & Bradstreet Corp.
Duo Plastics Inc.
DuPont Dow Elastomers
DuPont Engineering Polymers
DuPont Packaging
DuPont Polyester
Dura-Cast Products Inc.
DW Design
Dyna-Purge Div., Shuman Plastics Inc.
Dynamic Engineering Inc.
Dynamic Molding Inc.
Dynamics International Ltd.
Dyneon LLC
Dynisco Inc.

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