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I-Corp International Inc.
Ibag North America Division
Icis-LOR Inc.
IDSA Materials and Processes Section
IKKA Technology Inc.
ILNorplex Inc.
Imaflex Inc.
Image Industries Inc.
Image Plastics Ltd. Inc.
Imhotep Ltd.
IMM Book Club
IMM Performance Products
Impact Analytical
Imperial Custom Molding Inc.
Imprint Technologies LLC
Imtech Design
Incoe Corp.
Incotek LLC
Indepak Inc.
Independent Commodity Information Services - London Oil Reports (ICIS-LOR)
Indian Plast Pack Forum
Indiana Bottle Co. Inc.
Indiana Polymers Inc.
Indiana Vac-Form Inc.
Industrial Containers Ltd.
Industrial Designers Society of America
Industrial Fabrics Assn. International
Industrial Magnetics Inc.
Industrial Modernization Center Inc.
Industrial Mold & Machine
Industrial Molding Corp.
Industrial Molds Inc.
Industrial Thermoform Inc.
Industrias Vassallo Inc.
Industry Canada
Inenco AS
Infiltrator Systems Inc.
Infinity Plastics LLC
Infrared Fiber Systems Inc.
Infrared Internationale of North America Ltd.
Infrasource Inc.
Injectech Inc.
Injecting Solutions
Injection Molding Magazine
Injection Polymers Inc.
Injectronics Inc.
Inline Fiberglass Ltd.
Inline Plastics Corp.
InMold Corp.
Innovative Blow Molding
Innovative Marking Systems Inc.
Innovative Plastics Corp.
Innovative Recycling Inc.
Innovative Thermoforming Inc.
Inplex LLC
Inserts International
InSol Inc.
Insta-Bulk LP
Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Inc.
Instituto Mexicano de Ingenieros Químicos A.C.
Instru-Met Corp.
Insulation Technology Inc.
Integrity Plastics Inc.
Intek Plastics Inc.
Inteplast Group Ltd.
Inter-Tech Ltd.
Intercontinental Equipment Co. Inc.
International Assn. of Plastics Distributors
International Card Manufacturers Association
International Cast Polymer Association
International Grating Inc.
International Plastic Laboratories & Services
International Plastics Inc.
International Plastics Machinery Corp.
International Plastics Selector
International Trade Administration
Interquest LLC
Intertape Polymer Group
InterTech Development Co.
Invest in France Agency
Iowa Plastics Industry Consortium
Ipex Inc.
IPI International Inc.
Ipiranga Petroquimica S.A.
IPL Inc.
Ironwood Industries Inc.
Ironwood Plastics Inc.
Irwin Research & Development Inc.
ISC Sales Inc.
ISO Poly Films Inc.
Isorca Inc.
Italmatch Chemicals S.p.A
Italproducts srl
ITB Group Ltd.
ITW Auto-Sleeve
ITW Devcon
ITW Foamseal
ITW Plexus

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