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G&F Industries Inc.
G-P Plastics
G.A.I.M. Engineering Inc.
G.F. Goodman & Son Inc.
G.H. Associates
G.N. Plastics Co. Ltd.
Gala Industries Inc.
Gammaflux LP
Garner Industries Inc.
Gazelle Prototype LLC
GBR Tooling Co.
GE Plastics
GE Polymerland Inc.
GE Specialty Chemicals Division
Geiger Handling AG
Geist Manufacturing Inc.
Genca Corp.
Gencon Plastics Inc.
GenCorp Inc.
General Magnaplate Corp.
General Polymers Div. of Ashland Distribution Co.
Genpak LLC
Geon Co.
German Assn. of Plastics Manufacturers (VKE)
German Plastics and Rubber Machinery Assn. (VDMA)
Gharda Chemicals Ltd.
GI Plastek
GI Plastek -- ProTek Systems
Giles & Partners Ltd.
Gilman Bros. Co.
Gitto/Global Corp.
GKS Inspection Services
Glacier Machinery Sales Corp.
Gleeson, Sklar, Sawyers & Cumpata LLP
Global Enterprises LLC
Global Equipment Mktg. Inc. -- Magnetics Division
Global Plastics Letter
Global Precision Inc.
Global Recycling Market S.A. de C.V.
Global Recycling Network
Global Tool & Automation Corp.
Glopak Inc.
GLS Corp., TPE Div.
Glycon Corp.
Goex Corp.
Golden Eagle Extrusions Inc.
Gomaplast Machinery Inc.
GPL Plastics Machinery
GR Technical Services
Grafco PET Packaging Technologies
Grand Traverse Packaging Corp.
Graphic Materials International
Graphics International Group
Greaseless Concepts LLC
Great Lakes Industrial Knife Co. Inc.
Great Western Manufacturing
Green-Tek Inc.
Greenerd Press & Machine Co. Inc.
Greif Bros. Corp.
Griff Extrusion Seminars
Grimm Brothers Plastics Corp.
Grofit Plastics
GRT Inc.
GS Industries of Basset Inc.
GSE Lining Technology Inc.
GT Plastics Inc.
GTS Energy Inc.
Guaranteed Plastics Inc.
Gujarat State (India) Plastic Manufacturers Assn.
Gusmer-Admiral Inc.
Guspro Inc.
GVR Complast Ltd. Co.
GW Plastics Inc.

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