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Why U.S. Search Recruitment Services?

Since our founding in 1982 U.S. Search has been committed to providing our clientele with best-in-class service in all facets of the U.S. SearchSM recruitment process. Throughout this web site you will hear what some of our thousands of clients have said about us. In a few words let us tell you what differentiates U.S. Search SM recruitment services from other recruitment options.

We Know Your Marketplace

When you talk to U.S. Search you’re speaking with a firm that specializes in your industry. The industry experience we have gained in the past 18 years directly benefits our clientele. This experience allows us to understand even the most specific position requirements while also appreciating industry trends and nuances that become essential elements of the screening process. We make it our business commitment to keep abreast of developments in your business. We read the same trade publications that you do, belong to the trade associations that you do, and participate in the trade expositions and technical conferences that you do. Our knowledge of changes and developments in the Plastics and Specialty Materials Industries and our ability to listen and understand your requirements make us your partner in the recruitment process.

We Know Our Industry

In order to ensure a successful hire U.S. SearchSM services will work closely with clients to develop a complete understanding of the position’s requirements and the core competencies that are necessary for a successful hire. In addition to a thorough job description U.S. SearchSM services believes that it is essential that we spend the necessary time to understand your organizational culture and management style. It is our experience that the more insight that we possess about our client and its operation the more aggressive and effective we can be in our recruitment and screening. Based on the information that we have gained during our discussions and its extensive industry experience U.S. Search will be in a position to realistically appraise our client of the degree of difficulty in finding the right person and what it will cost to attract them.

In many cases we will then sit down with our client and work to identify organizations from which to recruit and potential candidates within those organizations. In addition to those targeted organization, U.S. Search, LLC will do extensive research utilizing its vast database; trade journals; association rosters; and network contacts until it has identified several candidates, leads, and referrals. All potential candidates are thoroughly interviewed and evaluated based upon the information that we have obtained from our client. Those candidates that are considered qualified and desirable are then presented to the client.

U.S SearchSM services works hand in hand with our clients in scheduling all contacts from the first telephone contact through the interviews until the executive is in place. During the interviewing process we will debrief both client/candidate after each interview and will work with both parties as questions are raised. Throughout this process we will be conducting thorough background and reference checks and will submit that information to our client. U.S. Search will assist in any negotiations between our client and the candidate that may arise. We will coordinate realtors when relocation is an issue, assist spouses with their career issues, prepare candidates for the inevitable counter offer, and assist candidates as they leave one organization and enter a new one. Of course, U.S. Search will follow up with the candidate and the client to ensure that an effective transition has been achieved.

U.S. Search LLC and its U.S. SearchSM services truly is your partner in the recruitment process.

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